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Minyip Ceramics

Unique Australian handmade ceramics

Good pottery takes times, real potters make pottery with their hands & with heart 

Minyip Ceramics is a small unique business that makes and sales local handmade ceramics/pottery both online and at local markets. 


Aileen Law

Owner operator and Artist  

My name is Aileen Law and i am the owner and operator of Minyip Ceramics. 

i don't make matching dinner set! but i do make table ware and home ware products. i make most of my work on the wheel or i will hand build them. for some of my works i will use a mould but only as a base to work from.

with my work i like to make each and everyone different in one way to another.


Everyone is different & i want my work to be different each time i make a pieces.​